Boutique real estate development firm dedicated to ambitious projects.

Momentum builds strong partnerships to develop ambitious and successful rental real estate projects that are also beneficial for the communities in which it's established.

We do this by combining our design, development and commercialization skills with the specialized expertise of our investors, equity partners and other allies.

Each project is the beginning of a great story.

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Active projects

Total dollar value of projects marketed under the group


Happy clients

Members of the group's teams with various expertises such as finance, development, management and marketing



Number of projects developed in the last 10 years

The value creation power of our 100% integrated team


Research and analysis of opportunities

We search and select sites based on a final product we deeply understand.

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Government and Municipal Relations

We combine the challenges of  housing availability with the current challenges in sustainable development.

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Direction of professionals

With better planning, a large majority of the controllable risks during development are reduced.

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We surround ourselves with financial allies who share similar values to ours.

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Market study

Our studies are directly linked to the selected site to be sure to develop the right product.

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Product design

Our in-depth knowledge of our personas and the current market allows us to design products that are second to none.

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Getting to market

Our strategic marketing strength is an exceptionally precise science.

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Brand growth

We build brand identities that are recognized through core values. This establishes long-term relationships between the brand and its key stakeholders.

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Scope of presence

The construction team is integrated in all stages of the project; from project design to property management.

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Mastery of construction

Our sister company Rodier is a general contractor with over 18 years of experience.

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Rental Management

Our focus is on increasing customer satisfaction.

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Customer Service

We create the dimension of a continuous presence in the customer environment. This is the "ever-present owner" approach.

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Our founding principles



Success is made up of a little talent and a lot of hard work. Our way of doing things is to combine efficiency and meticulousness in order to deliver our commitments according to the highest standards of the industry. We demand the same level of professionalism from our employees and partners.

Our founding principles



Our commitment to the success of our projects is unwavering. When we are involved in a project, we put all our energy into overcoming the challenges we encounter along the way to surpass our objectives. But beyond our expertise, time and resources, it is our reputation that we commit to each project and we are proud that it is always synonymous with trust.

Our founding principles



Our open-mindedness allows us to remain on the lookout for new opportunities. Without neglecting the traditional strategies that have proven themselves, we are open to original ideas and new ways of doing things. It is thanks to our sense of innovation and business creativity that we are always one step ahead of the competition.

Our founding principles



Our business model is based on a growth philosophy. We are results-oriented and have a vertical structure that allows us to grow as opportunities arise. Our mission is to achieve win-win projects with our partners and clients.


Any victory does not depend on one man alone.

Our allies through the great stories

01 — Financial partner

02 — NPO partner

04 — Financial partner


05 — Financial partner


03 — Client Experience (CX)

Let's start writing the story.

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Senior Associate

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Investor Relations