The first boutique firm specialized in large-scale market and off-market projects.

Investor presentation

Our vision

Momentum One's entry into a dynamic market in full swing is timely. We can count on a strong demand for rental apartments on the outskirts of major urban centers and a significant decrease in housing starts, resulting in a historically low vacancy rate.

We will develop nearly 5,000 apartments over 10 years, mainly through the AERA and BIOPHILIA brands..

Our aera brand, an award-winning, sophisticated and distinctive development product divided into 2 project categories to suit different clients and markets..

Our Biophilia  brand, a unique sustainable development product developed for NPOs in collaboration with municipalities, will allow us to stand out in our ESG approach and foster a positive relationship with cities.

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Roll-out strategy

province-wide in Quebec

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Dominic Rodier

President - Since 2022

Senior Partner Momentum 1, Development & Finance

Elian Sanchez

Admnistrator - Since 2022

Senior Associate Momentum 1, Development & Marketing

Éric Côté

Admnistrator - Since 2022

Éric Foster

Admnistrator - Since 2023

Partner/strategist in mixed-use development projects.

Nicolas Richard

Admnistrator - Since 2023

Presentation to investors

Available on request - March 2023

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The Fund's Financial Statements

Available on request - as at December 31st 2022

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ESG report of the Fund

Available on request - 2nd quarter 2023

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Summary 2023

S.W.O.T. Analysis

A summary of our look at the current market. A full analysis is available upon request.


The team is a strength

Our large, sophisticated and experienced team.


Interest rates are a threat

The increase in interest rates in 2022-2023 and the possibility of further increases.


Our large, sophisticated and experienced team

The lengthy approval procedures of some municipalities.


The innocupation rate is an opportunity

Historically low vacancy rate in the CMA's suburbs (1%)

Overview of upcoming projects

A vista into the future

All our project results are available to qualified investors upon request.

Aera Chambly

150 units - Construction 2023

Exceptional site facing the water, backed by a marina, a large park and the shops and restaurants of Old Chambly

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Aera Trois-Rivières

250 units - Predevelopment

Trois-Rivières is among the cities with the highest rent increase in 2022

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Aera Saint-Lambert

145 units - Construction 2024

Rare prestigious location on Victoria Street, across from the park. Saint-Lambert's reputation is well established

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Aera l'Île-Perrot

180 units - Construction 2025

Next door to an RPA, in the heart of the Île-Perrot shopping center, near the Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue waterfront

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Aera Granby

180 units - Predevelopment

Located near the waterfront, in the heart of downtown Granby

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Aera Saint-Constant II

250 units - Predevelopment

Site located near a TOD pole, continuation of our Aera Saint-Constant project, started in 2021

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Aera La Prairie

280 units - Predevelopment

TOD site benefiting from the extension of Highway 30

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Environment, Social and Governance

Momentum 1 adopts the sustainable management measures formulated by the BNQ 1000 recognized approach.

ESG perspective


Reduction efforts

of our ecological footprint through partial identification and measurement of our resource consumption patterns and the creation of cutting-edge technology partnerships.


LEED-inspired design

and aiming for carbo-neutrality for our projects by 2024.



of biodiversity on developed land beyond what is necessary.



project budgets that allow for philanthropic financial commitments aimed at contributing to a social economy agenda, creating wealth and improving the quality of life in the communities in which we operate.


Systematic approaches

Priority allocation of a percentage of our commercial space to social solidarity through strategic partnerships with selected local NPOs.



to create at least 15% affordable rents in our communities.


Creation of an executive committee

A mixed group of employees and leaders to integrate practices, mobilize and innovate, and maintain a culture of sustainability within our organization.


Investment in training

of key employees in sustainable development, specifically on the topic of organizational management and ethics as well as accountability for procurement choices.


Publication of an accountability report

annual social responsibility report on our public website based on the BNQ 21000 model.

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Dominic Rodier

Senior Associate

Manon Desmarais

Investor Relations